First Day to Christmas – My Diary

Here is my day, December the first is the day when Christmas really begins for me. I have been busy. I woke up like a little child because Christmas is here. So impatient – like a little child waiting for morning on the real day.

So up early to deep clean the hallway upstairs and down, then went for a 1 hour walk with a friend – weather forecast was a bit marginal, but we did 4 miles in just under an hour – not bad for 2 old(ish) ladies who natter away.

Then it was to unpack the Christmas decorations and begin to work out the lights. First to get all the decorations out, the Nativity Scenes and the LIGHTS. What a mess!

I love Christmas lights, but why are they such a muddle? I always try to pack it all the bits away in an organised way, BUT – the lights are always tangled….. ugh. There must be an easier way for lights.

My big tree is up – 12 rows of different branches, all individually colour coded and separate with 8 branches per row and 14 rows and then a big tree topper part which also has to be worked and bent open – you have to be there to get it.

Done it and then the lights are on.  Big tip – always check the lights are still working before you begin to set them, and (after fighting to untangle the wretched things), string from the bottom of the tree with the lights lit – you can see the effect. Twirl them around the tree so you know you won’t run out of lights before you get to the top and then adjust, fiddle and set the lights between the branches of the tree.

Anyway, my main tree is 8ft tall and I am now happy with the lights, with 2 strands of lights (LED of course). Put the tree up in the kitchen, the upstairs tree is up and lit, and my Vintage tree is almost done. Have not started on the tabletop tree in the dining-room yet.

In between all of this I went shopping and bought 2 more Nativity Scenes, which I will share later. However, today my photo to share is that all my trees are up, the lights are all working and installed, (even the outside lights which are very minimal – I really would like little deers frolicking and hedgehogs humming, but I don’t live in this house alone, so we have a demure, and sedate outside effect).

I have my very plastic retro wreath on the front door – very kitsch and very, very perfect) and the first few decorations are in place.  Done my first day. Much more to do tomorrow.

I will let you know more tomorrow on my Countdown to Christmas.

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