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Bo-ho Style Kitchen Splash-back

Decorating Ideas Found this week

I simply love these Boho style tiles I found while trawling around on It has become very trendy to use unusual items for splash-backs in kitchens. 

These tiles come from South Africa and are hand-painted and handmade. They are available on Etsy  see the shop of Terethsheba here

It is possible to purchase individual tiles or buy the 24 tiles pictured above which would give you a kitchen splash-back of 40 x 60 cm. That would truly bring a bit of Bo-ho glam to any kitchen – and the fact that they are handmade gives them a different depth to commercially made Moroccan style tiles.

The individual tiles are 10 x 10 cm and there are loads of different designs – some more bold than others. Loads of choice means that their use is great for other things like topping a coffee table, lining a tray, or serving as coasters. 

Personally I would love an outside coffee table topped with these. Great design. 

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