Fairy Doors in Somerset

I simply love anything where imagination begins to control peoples’ actions, and the story reported earlier this month about the Fairy Doors which have been appearing all over Wayford Woods over the last few years, is no exception. 

It has also caused a hue and cry all over the UK, since the Trustee, Steve Acreman was reported as wanting these doors removed from the woods. I must say that subsequent reports seemed to indicate that he was appealing for no more doors to be installed. 

 This image was found on the itv news channel and you can read what they wrote here. 

Apparently the first door arrived a few years ago, and now it is an Internet phenomenon. Some doors are not as pretty as the one above, but the essence of all the doors seems, to me, to be about adults and children wanting to have a little fun, and wanting at some level to believe in fairies. I think it is cute and lovely too. Perhaps some doors are not in keeping with the environment – but hey – I think fairies must like bright and sparkly things too. 

For those readers who do not know about this, the doors are installed with hinges, often over openings in the tree, where you can leave messages to the fairies. You only have to do an image search on the web to see the huge number of doors all over the place. 

However Wayford Woods (nicknamed Fairy Woods) seem to not understand that many people come to the woods especially to look at the doors. What impact on their numbers if the doors were to disappear?

It must be ultimately fascinating to children to search out these little pieces of creative imagination. I know I would have loved it as a child. In fact if I am down that way I will want to go and have a look. 

We live in such a serious world and I think it is delightful. Of course we must protect nature and not damage it, but I really can’t see how these little doors would provoke more damage. Instead we have got lots of people out in the open air – surely that is a healthy thing. 

Why not have some fun and play with your imagination, and I would say that if you live near a wood then perhaps the fairies there also need doors. Of course they must be installed in not too obvious locations, else the fairies won’t use them. And of course in secret …. you can’t tell anyone. 

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